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Design Wall Wednesday

Here is what’s happening on the design wall…   DSCF9255
I have completely run out of neutral strings on my Scrappy Saber Saw Tooth Star.  That’s good news and sorta kinda bad news as I really DON’T want to make strings for the next border I had planned in the pattern.  See the pattern below…Scrappy Saber Sawtooth Star

All that neutral white color  are strings.

So back to EQ7.  I played around with some other border options.  A Dark Dark…Scrappy Saber Sawtooth Star 2

And a Light Dark…Scrappy Saber Sawtooth Star 3

I could just do whatever and see how it comes out.  This topper is after all supposed to be whatever I pull out of the scrap pile anyway.  We’ll see.  As it is designed right now the quilt will measure 70″ x 70″.  From my days in the bedding textile industry we made our comforters for a twin 64″ x 86″ and queens usually were 86″ x 86″.  This would fit a twin without a pillow turnover.  Or a very comfy lap quilt.

The other item you can sorta see behind this topper are Birds In The Air blocks.  DSCF9244

I was inspired, as strange as it may be, by a recent report in the news about Nancy Rink’s STOLEN quilts.  One of those quilts had me at HELLO!  After reading the news about the theft I thought this would be an excellent block for many people to make on their own and collectively we could give back to Nancy what was stolen.  It was a thought and I challenged my fellow quilters over at Quiltville’s Open Studio if they wanted to be involved and the response was amazing.

A long story shortened I contacted Nancy and we have been in touch about actually putting together a different quilt of hers but all is on hold right now as we await further word from Nancy.

So as we wait…with more and more quilters signing up…I’ve been working on these blocks.  I also have her original pattern but my blocks are three colors as opposed to her 2 color.  This ones for me.  I’m secretly in love with these fabrics…DSCF9245

I don’t know why as I’ve never been one to shop much in the 1800’s reproduction section.  I guess I just needed some inspiration.  These colors actually look great in the living room so we’ll see how this comes out!


Lots of triangles on this one!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


For more information about the stolen quilts of Nancy Rink see these links:

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