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Big Day Yesterday

A fairly infrequent occurrence in my lovely part of the country are bursts of very intense storms.DSCF9071

This happened on Friday afternoon.  In about 20 minutes the winds whipped up so severe that whole trees toppled over and large limbs fell.  DSCF9074-001

I was driving home when the storm hit and I pulled over in a sheltered area AWAY from tree limbs.  I’ve learned over the years that is the best thing to do!

It wasn’t until I was about a mile or two from home did I realize that my neighborhood got hit pretty bad.  Fortunately, no one was injured and most of the damage is superficial.  The neighbors got together to help clean up…DSCF9090-001

And the Village arrived to start the removal process of the large Maple…DSCF9104-001

This morning I was a bit sore from all the tree removal lifting…sooooo out of shape I am!

I started the work on the boder…


And Jim started the painting of the family room.  Our big home improvement project continues…DSCF9329

More later.  I’ve got to run a few errands and attend a meeting today…

Till then, have a great weekend!


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