An Almost Design Wall Wednesday

This is as far as I’ve taken it this week…DSCF9337

The inner border is on and the 2nd border is still in the works.  Turns out these quarter square triangles take a bit of effort to get the points perfect.  DSCF9306

I’ve had to re-sew about a half dozen and use a template to line up the matching points.  So far I’m okay with the long sides being perfectly aligned however the top and bottom I’m going to need to ease in some of the top in order for the border to fit.  I’m working on the top and bottom sections at the same time, you can see those at the top of the photo below…DSCF9336

If all goes well with this 2nd border I’ll be onto the last border and have already decided on a quilting pattern for this!  So exciting!

On the home improvement front this week…PAINT!  The family room is painted!DSCF9340

The color is called ‘Stoney Path’ and sorta looks like chocolate milk although that wasn’t really what I was going for.  I picked out a paint color that I thought would work with the floor, the rug and the chairs that will be in this room — as well as not clashing with the rest of the house! Easier said then done!

Don’t look too close at the walls.  They were a real pain and we did our best to get the drywall right but once the first layer of paint went on we could tell we should have done an allover skim coat.  I will tell you though, I had no idea what an allover skim coat was until this project!  C’est la vie!  We have to rimind ourselves that this house is 50 years old so it has some character to it and will not look like a new house.

It will look great once everything is finished.  I can’t wait.  Because once this is done it will be time to work on the KITCHEN!  I have waited 18 years for a new kitchen and it will finally happen!  Just the thought of not having a drawer fall out or getting a pantry cabinet is giving me chills!

Whoo Hoo!

Hey!  And what’s up with this cold snap we are having in the Midwest?  I am so not ready for Fall!

~Happy Quilting, Happy Home Improvement projects everyone!


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  1. The color looks great in the picture. It will be easy to co-ordinate with any other patterns you introduce! Can’t wait to see the finished room.
    As for the quilt… wouldn’t it look good in your new room.


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