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Another Home Improvement Post – Family Room Near Completion!


We brought in the carpet that’s been in the garage and unrolled it.  It will take a few days for it to relax and remain flat.

Jim finished the painting of the trim and hung the door to the basement yesterday!  For our cat Chloe Jim installed a cat door and I spent the morning teaching her how to use it…DSCF9343-002

The door closes automatically after a few swings back and forth.DSCF9345-001

Here’s another angle of the room…DSCF9348-001

Now the next project begins (we still have a few before we’ll call this room finished).  This next project is to make a tv hutch.  Instead of buying something new I wanted to re-purpose an old IKEA modular system we’ve been using in the kitchen.  I’ve shown this thing before but we’ve been parting it out lately so here’s another grab…DSCF9355-001

It has served it’s purpose so we are scavenging off of it for new uses!  My thought was to take three cabinets and screw them together for the tv hutch…DSCF9351-001

They are now in the workshop getting fitted with a base.DSCF9352-001

Everything we’ll use for this project will be re-cycled, up cycled or re-purposed!  Even the paint I plan to use will be something we’ve had in the basement for a long time (back in the days before little samplers we had to buy quarts, remember that?)!

Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend everyone and get out and enjoy the fall colors!  They won’t last long!  DSCF9340-003

Happy Home Improvement!


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