A Day at the Quilt Show!

I spent the day running errands, working on this new business venture I’ve slipped out in my last post and taking a trip to the Dupage County Fairgrounds for the Prairie Star Quilter’s Guild Show!

I’m almost official!  I have just one last step before I can flip the switch and make the big announcement!  As a side note, I’m just amazed at the amount of bureaucratic and paperwork stacks I’ve had to work my way through in order to start this business. My mind is nearly mush trying to keep it all sorted out!

So off I went to the Prairie Star Quilter’s Guild show to just absorb some inspiration and fun!  I’m uploading these photos all at once.  I tried to capture the quiltmaker’s information with each photo.


2 thoughts on “A Day at the Quilt Show!”

  1. There is nothing like a day out at the quilt show to relax you and to inspire you. My goodness were there a lot of Bonnie Hunter / Quiltville patterns represented. (I’m a big fan~!~)


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