Sadly, I’m OUT…

Well, Thanksgiving happened and the 3rd round judging was announced for the Surprise Sewing Bee and I, sadly, was not picked to go forward.

That was the first competition I’ve ever entered and happy that I did get down into the top 25!

To read up on all the competition entries please pop on over to patternreview HERE!

~more later!  I’ve picked up another WIP project and it is finally near completed but I’ll have to update you all on it in another post…


4 thoughts on “Sadly, I’m OUT…”

  1. I am sad you’re out too… I think your dress is very nice. I wonder what the judging criteria is. Did they think your street dress was too Out On The Town? If they do not give you any feedback we’ll never know.


  2. Its seriously impressive you got this far! Your makes were amazing and definitey inspired me. I think if it was based on user votes, you ‘d have gone through but its very subjective when a handful of people decide. Its then about their taste etc. Like the first round winner was a skirt that won because of the appliques and embroidery which was nice but IMO there were lots of other skirts that were less embellished but had great fit and look to them. I certainly didnt feel like i wanted to make the winning skirt unlike some of the other entries. I felt like making your makes especially the dress so thats a winner as far as i am concerned.


    1. awe, thanks Hila. What kind things to say! Made my day! I agree. And don’t think I didn’t think about spelling out Winter Street Dress in a second knit fabric….LOL!

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