Scratch This One off my WIP list! I knitted socks!!!


Look at those BEAUTIFUL socks people!!!

Seriously, this only took me 9 years to figure out how to do!  That first sock, the one on the right was started on a plane trip to California about 2005.  I remember at the time when I bought this mini-book:DSCF9555

that I was determined to advance my knitting knowledge beyond scarves and that first pair of mittens!  Ha!!!

I was now going to knit on 4 needles at once!  Holy moly…how was that going to work.  So I’m here to tell you all, it took a long time.  Those socks were actually the result of knitting, ripping, knitting again, ripping out, knitting, knitting, knitting and knitting again, then ripping out probably no less then 10 times.

That is why it took so long.  I wanted EVERY stitch to be exactly what it was supposed to be.  To do that takes practice and every now and then the painful painful act of unraveling all of your work to get back to something that wasn’t up to snuff.

But I did it!  Nine years in the works but this was completed FINIS in just under 2 weeks!  I actually was working on this while I waited for the results of the Sewing Bee contest!  Ha!

Just look at this gusset!DSCF9558

Not a hole to be seen!DSCF9557

…and that toe!

Have you, my reading friends, ever tried knitting?  Are you ever proud of yourself for figuring something out on your own?  Did you take lessons?  What advice can you give me or anyone else just starting out?

Jim even asked if I’d make him a pair…

Looks like I have to do this again, only now I think I’ve got it!

More later!


2 thoughts on “Scratch This One off my WIP list! I knitted socks!!!”

  1. Good for you, Cathy. Before M.B. was born back in R.I. I took lessons from a Navy wife and we made a sweater and socks! I too was so proud, but never again did I do that. Maybe it just took me too long and the end result was not what I desired. Dad did wear those socks though, until they wore out. Guess they were warm!


    1. ha ha ha! well now that I figured it out the second sock went together very quickly. I wore them yesterday but they are too big. So now I need to make a correction for size or reduce the size of my needle.

      I actually think that ‘sock making’ could be a nice thing to do in front of the t.v. or during traffic when I’m stuck at a traffic light!!!!! So many times it takes me over an hour to get home and you just sit with nothing to do…

      my new theme. Socks at Stops!


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