Last Day of the Year 2014

Ok.  Is it just me or did this year go by WAY TOO FAST?


I’m looking back at all the photos for the year and even though we did do A LOT there was still more I’d wished we’d completed.

I guess the biggest highlight for the year was seeing our Jamba head off to be a working dog.  He is now a skilled companion dog for a young boy with cerebral palsy.  If you’d like to donate to his charitable foundation or read up on all the great things this organization does to educate and help get therapy for the children please do so at this link here:

We are in a dog hiatus until we finish our re-modeling of the house.  Most of the work we are doing ourselves and we just have one last phase to go!  But it’s a big one…the kitchen!  This year we finished the family room…DSCF9306-002

As each room gets finished we are moving back in.  This year was also a busy year because I decided to start a business…DSCF9512

Stash Traders was born in June/July and I opened an Etsy shop in September with the first few fabrics.  It has been a learning experience and a lot of time to figure out how to do things but I like the progress so far and am excited for what 2015 will bring to this new venture.  My goal is to offer quality fabrics that don’t cost a fortune for the quilter, crafter, and sewer with a shop organized by color!  You can link to my new shop on the Etsy link shown in the right hand column of this blog if you are interested! =========>

We did manage to travel some this year.  There was the big cruise adventure!DSCF7873

…as well as a few camping trips…DSCF9437

A couple of quilt shows…20141017_124237

And I even joined 2 quilt guilds!  MQG and the NSQG of Chicago!  Whoot!  Who would have thought???  (I’m loving both).  I guess you could say quilting is changing my life in ways I never expected!

I still love all sewing though, so don’t think this blog is only going to have quilting…oh no no no!  In November I signed up for a contest on and made it to the third round!DSCF9769There was 1 quilt finished, signed and delivered this year and many tops ready to be quilted.  I made new Friends in the guilds and there’s a promise to learn quilting on a long arm come spring (so saving a few tops for that!).DSCF9337





And I made Mom a new tote bag!


There was more that didn’t get blogged and sometimes you just can’t do it all but all in all I’d have to say that 2014 was a good year!

Happy New Year everyone!  Thank you for your comments, quips, tips and shared enjoyment of this sewing craft.  I wish you all many blessings for the new year  and look forward to sharing even more sewing fun for 2015!  Who knows where the sewing wind will take us!