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Affordable Sewing Finds At the Estate Sale!

I went to another Estate Sale this morning.  This one was only a few miles from my house so I figured why not!

I could tell from the pictures that there would be plenty of things to interest me..

Things like fat quarters…


…and more fat quarters…DSCF9587-001

…and more fat quarters, along with this singer lubricant and a box of pins…DSCF9588-001

…I think these are corsage pins…DSCF9589-001

…and threads…DSCF9590-001

There was plenty to choose from and I wasn’t the first to browse.  Today was actually the second day of the sale and lots of things were already gone in the sewing department but I kept digging and found all of the above.

Remember not so long ago I was looking for Singer Lubricant in this post?  This is just proof that you never know when or where you are going to find it!  I now have a full tube to add to my Featherweight and 201 cases!  Whoot!

Oh but wait.  While I was browsing through books…these came home with me…DSCF9592-001

I pulled out these two coin collector notebooks…DSCF9595-001

Hmmm…me thinks…do you think there was anything in them?DSCF9597-001

Ha!  I about caused a Firestorm at the check-out desk!

At first they weren’t going to sell them to me and even one of the guys came up and took all the coins from the 60’s and said I couldn’t have them.  That kind of ticked me off, what does he mean just going through the cards and taking out coins?  Either sell it or don’t sell it but the whole point was I found it fair and square in your sale and I’d like to buy the collection.

Well.  Let’s just put it this way, nobody lost any money, only I lost out on a better collection.

So Estate Sales are good as you can see…and with that also comes the not so good…when you show up with a collection of half dollars with your books off the shelf.  Boy, they really were worked up over that.  ACTUAL money gets people all worked up!  Pretty funny.

So go to Estate Sales friends!  They are fun to look through and you just never know what you are going to find!




3 thoughts on “Affordable Sewing Finds At the Estate Sale!”

    1. Thanks for the comment! I guess what rubbed me the wrong way during the exchange was they just TOOK them! I was there to BUY the coins and they just took them. I looked up the value and it was only another $10 or so. One of the coins was from 1965 so it had some silver in it. The people running the sale were just nutty. They even questioned where I got my information about how much an ounce of silver was trading for on the market. The Wall Street Journal. We even looked it up. It was a lot of work for $10 so I just gave in and said take it. But what were they going to do with it was my question.

      Oh well!


  1. I admire your tenacity on going to estate sales. Keep up the good work! I am thrilled attend through you,, we retired in Quito Ecuador,, and here they don’t have second hand anything. They use it up.. which is great for recycling,, but I sorta miss the thrill of the “hunt.”


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