Back To Square One Block…

Friday I was working on a complimentary block to my Scrappy Arrowhead block.  I think I’ll call this block “Back to Square One”.  So appropriate don’t you think considering our dilemma with the kitchen remodel?  It could also most definitely work for my Weight Loss Journey Quilt I’ve boxed up and put on the shelf ready to re-visit (but that is just yet another saga).   So much symbolism  in such a grouping of scrap…DSCF1516

This block is a tester.  It finishes at 8.5″, an odd size I know, but I wanted to create a block that would compliment the Scrap Arrowhead so keep that in mind.  The strip pieced blocks didn’t turn out quite like I’d planned, I should have placed them in opposing positions and I think in the next go around I’ll make an effort to keep the 4 flying geese surrounding the center square the same which should make that pop a bit more.

Yesterday I volunteered at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago…which I’ll need to get those photos off of my phone.   Short of actually having a quilt in the exhibits I guess when I volunteer to be part of the whole big event I may as well call it official.  I AM A QUILTER!

More to come!

Happy Sewing, Happy Quilting!


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