International Quilt Festival – Chicago

I took lots of photos of the International Quilt Festival – Chicago yesterday both before my volunteer work began and after, when I had time to just gaze and admire all the quilts…

I’ve included the maker’s names where possible in a corresponding photo.  These red and white quilts (names were not listed for the ones hanging)…

20150328_095708 20150328_095727 20150328_095751 20150328_095800

I was stalking the Dear Jane quilts.  I found 4 throughout the grounds.  Two of which I was able to photograph.  This one below, the blocks are not in the same sequence as the book so I took lots of photos so I could study it later!

20150328_121404 20150328_121532

Funny how life imitates your blog sometimes.  My volunteer location was outside the Demonstration booth and guess who was doing a demo?  Stay with me here…yes, Anita Grossman Soloman…yeah…the author of the book and inspiration for my Arrowhead block!

Coincidence or me…just another one to add to my life of coincidences…just catalog this one.  She said she had several of her quilts in the show.  I found one of them hanging up in the rafters, this red and white pineapple…


She was also demonstrating a Monkey Wrench block that was eerily similar to my Churn Dash block…see my link here

I came home and tried a google search for her Monkey Wrench but couldn’t find it.  Oh well.  Just weird is all…

Then I had to stop and gaze at some really cool quilts…

20150328_121715 20150328_121723 20150328_122346 20150328_122353 20150328_122413

More Dear Jane stalking….20150328_125003 20150328_125013 20150328_125021

…and looking for applique border inspiration for my 16 Patch Double Pinwheel quilt top…I thought this one was fantastic…20150328_125045 20150328_125051

There was an exhibit of star quilts that I couldn’t figure out…20150328_125155

…until I found the sign in deep space…then it all made sense….


Then I got nabbed for a souvenir photo.  I usually don’t do these but what the heck.  It may come in handy someday…


Have a great day everyone!