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The Inside Arm and Deck!

Now on to the Inside Arm…

I am running desperately LOW on fabric so I have to sew pieces together in places that are not too conspicuous such as the Inside Arm and the Deck areas!

I hate to do it but in this case because I can’t find anymore of this fabric I’m in a “Make It Work” moment…

So I piece together the Inside Arm and trace…DSCF1723 DSCF1724 DSCF1725

…Then sew on the piping and the top of the arm…DSCF1726 DSCF1727

…where I’ve sewn the two pieces together I topstiched (this actually makes it look purposefull!)…DSCF1728

…then pin fit the arm pieces…lining them up so I can mark for sewing them together properly…DSCF1730

The marks are small pencil ticks like so….DSCF1734On both the Outside Arm and the  top of the arm piece.  If I didn’t do this I would be guessing.  This are like notches (those little triangles we all see on commercial sewing patterns) to match up and sew.DSCF1735

The Deck portion also had to be pieced together!  This was time consuming.  I think I have 10 or so smaller pieces of fabric here…DSCF1738

But it worked and now I’m in the home stretch!  I just hope there’s enough fabric left!

~Stay tuned!