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Cherries! Oh Yum!

Hi Friends!

We have cherries!!!!DSCF0188

I can hardly believe it!  We haven’t yet had a crop of cherries.  Sure, we’ve had the half dozen or so but our tree is so so young, combined with the last 2 years of terrible weather that affected the pollination that we have been hoping and praying this year we’ll see some fruits of our labors!DSCF0183

I came out this morning to check if any were ripe when I discovered ANTS!!!


Oh my goodness, this is WAR!!!  You should of heard me out there yelling at those pests!  “Get Off My Cherries…you little buggers!!!”

Seriously.  I was a little upset.  I went inside directly and got a bowl and picked as many red ones as I could find, then blasted the little buggers with the water hose and pesticide sprayer.  “Take That!”

Hopefully that will be enough to keep these beauties from being eaten.  I don’t mind a few going to the birds but the ants can take a hike!


We just have the one tree, it is a self pollinator with 4 different types of cherries (grafts of 4 sweet cherries) so it’s a one shot deal!  Anywhosey…I can’t wait to dive into these sweet gems!  They won’t last long!


Happy Sunday everyone!


Growing fruit is a lesson in patience!

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