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Scenes From The Dashboard Series: The Road to Vermont!


Hi Friends!

We’ve been gone for a little over a week on a camping trip to Vermont.  Our destination was South Hero, VT for a family reunion.  As part of my ‘Scenes from the Dashboard’ series I’d thought I’d post some highlights of that trip.

We planned our journey to take us on the way there across Ohio, then into New York and a ferry trip across Lake Champlain into South Hero.   Once into Ohio the roads were very smooth and the  rest stops are quite nice…even having places for RV’s to spend the night…    20150623_154000 20150623_154006

We didn’t spend the night though but made a note to ourselves if ever we were on this highway again that there’s an option for that.

Oh!  Nearly forgot!  There was a small tragedy prior to departure.  Why is it always Me-vs-Robins?  Here on our battery compartment was a Robin’s nest filled with three of the most beautiful blue eggs.  I was in tears.  I didn’t want to move it and Momma and Pappa Robin were having a fit, as rightfully so.  I thanked whoever would listen, God included, that these were eggs and not yet chicks (because we would have had to leave them there, I was no way moving the trailer if chicks were in a nest).  I carefully moved the nest but knew it was doomed and the Robins would need to start over.  Very sad….


We spent the first night at a park just East of Cleveland, Ohio!  Hello Cleveland!20150623_185054

The State Park we stayed at was situated on Lake Erie, it was Geneva State Park and I chose a Full Hook Up site…20150624_102529

That made for a nice night on the road.  We didn’t have to worry about filling up since the water would be right at the sight.  In the morning  I went for a nice little bike ride along Lake Erie and Jim went for a jog…20150624_080120 20150624_075916 20150624_07480920150624_075921

Geneva State Park had Camping, a Lodge and Camping Cabins.  All in all I thought it was a really nice place!

Getting on with our trip we left Ohio and headed into New York.  We stayed the night at another little park near Syracuse, NY.  I did not take pictures (Jim did though) so I’ll have to get one up later.  Then it was time to get the last leg of our journey started.  We planned to take the Lower Adirondack trail, beautiful scenery.  I reminisced about my summer in the Adirondacks as a camp counselor when I was 21 years old.  This ride brought back a lot of memories…


Then we could see Vermont!  We took a ferry across Lake Champlain!


And arrived at our destination, Camp Ta-Kum-Ta for our family reunion!20150625_205050

The sunset was quite spectacular!


We set up our camp and spent the next three days catching up with family.  We rented this camp and had use of the cabins, the activity center, tennis and basketball courts, the pool (with hired lifeguard) and the kitchen.  The camp is still under construction so we were a good group to test it out prior to the campers getting there!  This is a camp for children with cancer.  It was hard not to think about them while we were there as many reminders of why the camp exists were all around.  A big group shot on the last day…DSCF2369

We’ll re-cap the trip home in the next post!

Till then!