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Almost to the Borders on ‘Snow In October’ Quilt!


I love the feeling of progress!


I  have the last few corner blocks to go then the middle section will be finished!DSCF2485

Here’s some detail of the brown logs…      DSCF2472

…and some detail of the blue logs with their meandering feather…DSCF2475

…another look.DSCF2478

I’ve taken some video though not sure if it will be good enough to show yet.  The sound is always something I can never get right!  Not to mention the camera I used isn’t that great.  (Note to self…get out a better camera…I know I know I know!).

Ah well.  I’ve some of the feather detail left then I will be moving on to the borders.

My thoughts for the first inner border is to go with an oak leaf design.  We have Oak trees in the park across the street.  Those leaves turn brown in the Fall and stay on the tree all winter.  Reminds me somewhat of this quilt!

Stay tuned!  More to come!