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Free Motion Quilting “Snow In October” Video 1 – The Brown Logs

Hi Everyone,

Are you ready for one of my visually boring videos??  Ha!

For those new to the blog I like to record my stitching, especially when I’m free motion quilting.  It helps to save it for posterity sake so if I ever need to review what I did I can do that.

In this video I also talk about the starting and the stopping and how I do it (bringing the thread to the top of the quilt) as well as how I work with just my hands, no gloves, pads or fingertip grips (something I’ve been trying for a while now).

This is part 1, the feathers will be in part 2.




2 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting “Snow In October” Video 1 – The Brown Logs”

  1. Cathy, Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing this video of your FMQ process! I’m very new to FMQ and it’s so nice to see the actual process. I wasn’t sure how often I should be stopping to re-position my hands and the quilt. For some reason I thought I was supposed to do it without stopping! Duh! Makes perfect sense now that I see it 😀 Thanks again!


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