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Duck Mothers


We live near a pond and a creek and there is plenty of wildlife.  This year we are fortunate to see the Mallard ducks raising their young!  We’ve been watching this Momma and her babies for almost a week.  She had 11 but is now down to 7.

She must be an experienced Momma.  However, we think a young first timer is trying to figure it out on our doorstep!


She has laid 1 egg in our flower pot and has returned to sit on it!  We thought she would return to lay another egg but so far we’ve only seen the one egg.  This is NOT the ideal spot for her but since she is a protected species we have to wait it out.  If she starts to sit on the nest an incubate then we could very well have some chicks!

Stay tuned.  This is day 2!

Other news in the yard…

The Lilacs are in full bloom and beautiful:


…and the Oriole’s are back at the feeders!DSCF3914

We are hoping there’s an Oriole nest nearby!

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Duck Mothers”

  1. The duck in the flower pot – that is so cute! Love the pansies. We have a hollowed-out rock birdbath in the front yard – it’s about 18″ long. One year a duck, who obviously had a nest nearby, started coming around every evening to climb into it and soak her feet. The river is about half a mile from here, so I was surprised that a duck would build a nest so far from water, but I guess the birdbath provided enough to get by.

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    1. Wow! Half a mile! That is really far, but I don’t think unheard of. Fortunately we do have water really close but she’s going to have to dodge a street!


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