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Making Progress and an Oriole!

I have been working on this scrap quilt daily.  I completed 2 border sides and now am working on the remaining 2 before I continue on with my planned solid border which will be next.  DSCF3874

Talk about LOTS OF SCRAP!!  Truthfully I had no idea how this design was going to come out and several times I said to myself “this is never going to work” but I’m trudging on.  I’m going to get this top finished and then when it is all over I’ll let the finished product speak for itself.

On Sunday Jim called from the living room window “Rose Breasted Grossbeak at the feader!”.   Me, in the family room ran to the window and watched but I did not have my camera, then as I went to get my camera Jim called out “Oriole!”.   Ahhh!!!  Finally!  I was wondering if we’d get an Oriole at the feaders!  I even bought a fancy Oriole feader, the kind you put grape jelly in but the little beauty chose the suet instead.  I don’t mind, just happy to see we still have Orioles in the area!



6 thoughts on “Making Progress and an Oriole!”

  1. Love scrappy quilts! Nice job. I have one unsolicited suggestion. Sew a small (1-1/12 in.) solid (white?) border before sewing the 9 patch border. It will set the two components apart and make them more noticeable, plus no seams to match.


    1. That’s a lovely suggestion! I am already committed with this plan though and am going to see it through. The blocks fit just right the way they are right now, adding length might not work at the moment. We shall see! ~Cathy


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