It’s Cherry Season Again!

We’ve had a bumper crop of cherries this year!  If I’m sitting I’m pitting!

We have a 4 in 1 cherry tree that self pollinates.  Jim made a natural bee-hive home to attract native bees and I think it has worked!  The cherries are Bing, Ranier and 2 others that I can’t remember.  Supposedly they are all sweet cherries but some of them are kinda tart so who knows…

I have frozen two trays and this week I am drying the remainder.  It takes a while to dry them in the dehydrator (about 24-48 hours) as I have to rotate the trays and there’s no fan to move the heat around.

This has been a very rainy year and it rained last Friday and Saturday.  I noticed Sunday morning there were patches of mold growing on some clumps of the Bings so we decided to really remove as many as we can and toss the moldy ones including those that were on the ground.

So far so good!

Can’t wait to add some dried cherries into an oatmeal cookie recipe!