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Basting a Quilt Today

This top should look familiar, as it is the header of the blog at the moment. I thought this week would be a good week to get this one sandwiched and begin the process of quilting.

Initially I was going to bring this to a long-arm quilter and pay to have it quilted.  As of this moment I have one top with a long-armer already, and before I send another out I’m anxious to get the first one back.  Know what I mean?

So this is going to be done on the Bernina 170 and possibly the Sport too if it comes to that.  I have plenty of other tops that need finishing so  no problems there when the time comes to bring another to a long arm quilter.


Alright.  So here we are.  The backing has been sewn together and I’ve chosen a Hobbs 80/20 batting from my shop.  This is a LARGE quilt so the best method for me is to sandwich the layers using my dining room table.

I don’t have anything fancy here and I really can’t use the floor.  All of you that can get on your knees and do this on the floor I applaud you but I just can’t.  I suppose I can’t use the floor too because of all the DARA hair!!!  That dog goes through shedding phases and I’d be picking out hairs forever if I did that!

The Hobbs batting I’m using doesn’t have as much ‘Stick’ to it as the Dream Cotton I’ve used in the past.  This is a new batting for me and for the shop so it will be good to get some experience with it.  I know it’s popular so there must be some good things I need to discover about it.

I spray basted the backing to one side of the batting.  That went really well, even as large as this top is.  The top I did not spray baste, just pin basted.   I like to smooth the top as I go by working in sections and not having the top glued down helps with that!  The not so sticky cotton/poly blend though does have a bit of a challenge.  I guess we’ll see how it goes…

Stay tuned.  I’m sure there will be some fun video to come!

Happy Quilting!