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Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2010

I am sooooo not thinking about FAll and/or Winter yet.  Good Gosh, it is so hot around here that I keep thinking I need to still be making shorts and tops! So as always, when Pantone puts out their color reports I llike to link to them here. PANTONE_Fashion_Color_Report_Fall_2010 I just find them so interesting… Continue reading Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2010

Color Trends, Off the beaten trail

Cerulean Blue

Crater Lake, Oregon. The water of Crater Lake is intensely blue, a cerulean blue.  I first heard the word cerulean while in college to describe a specific color.  I honestly thought my art professor just liked saying it.  Go ahead, say it.  My professor was right, it is fun. Cerulean Cerulean Seeeeeuuuhhhruuuulllliiiiiiaahhn See?  It just… Continue reading Cerulean Blue