In the Studio, Sewing, Singer Featherweight

Motor Test, Again

After I put the motor back on the machine I let it run a bit.  Smoke emanated from the motor and the sound was not promising.  At All. I found a lot of information generically about motors on-line and what I've concluded from my research is an educated guess that oil or grease have permeated… Continue reading Motor Test, Again

In the Studio, Singer Featherweight, Vintage

Friends, Please Don’t Let Your Freinds Sew Sheep

Bah Bah Black Sheep Have You Any Wool?  Or, what in the world were they sewing on this Featherweight? Yeah, I know.  Totally gross.  Full view, this is even after I cleaned it up a bit.  It was about this point I thought I better get my camera, this is one for the books and… Continue reading Friends, Please Don’t Let Your Freinds Sew Sheep