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Motor Test, Again

After I put the motor back on the machine I let it run a bit.  Smoke emanated from the motor and the sound was not promising.  At All.

I found a lot of information generically about motors on-line and what I’ve concluded from my research is an educated guess that oil or grease have permeated this motor.  Even though I surfaced cleaned the inside there’s still a fair amount of it in there.

Last night I thought about those carbon brushes and the brush tubes.DSCF8264

Do you think somewhere along this machines’ life the brush tube was used as the lubricating point?  I wonder.  Those screws were broken so something must have gone on there and those brushes were slick and shiny…hmmm.DSCF8257

I removed the brushes and rubbed them down.  Reminded me of art class and charcoal drawing.  I unscrewed those caps and took cotton swabs and started cleaning…on both ends…

DSCF8250 DSCF8253Black.  Black. Black.

Finally a swab that is clean(er).

DSCF8255Back go the brushes…DSCF8258

…and back go the screws.  I just finger tighten these screws.  You can see how chipped these are…DSCF8261

I gathered my 2 machines and started up the motors…and took some video…

The restoration continues!!!

~Happy Sewing!



3 thoughts on “Motor Test, Again”

  1. I loved hearing the motor and seeing your little gem sew. I purchased a Singer 301 last year.
    I wanted a black one like I learned to sew on, but they were either beaters or over priced. I have the peuce colored job. I bought it just to make buttonholes. It does them perfectly. It sews so smoothly and quietly, I am amazed. These old Singers make the new electronics machines ( and I have one ) seem noisy and rough.
    When I brought it in for a cleaning , oil and adjustment, the repairman wanted to buy it from me. It came with a bobbin case and one bobbin that was frozen in place. The wonder of eBay is that I found more bobbins, and more cams for the buttonholer .
    It was fun to read your post and listen to the little motor hum.


  2. Oh my, I hope you can find a way to fix that noisy motor or find a replacement. If all else fails, do like Bonnie Hunter ( does, take the motor off and make it a treadle machine. She has great info on her blog about old machines and repair links. Good luck.


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