In the Studio

Building a ‘Dream’ Sewing Space – Part 5…adding color to the South Wall.

Yesterday I started hanging the paintable wallpaper.  The only difficulty I had was it started to peel off in some places as it dried.

I remember the other stuff I used in another room doing this but just not so much.

I picked up some wallpaper glue to fill in some of the spots and press it down and so far it appears that is is holding.

I did read the instructions and it said to prep the walls but I’m thinking maybe there was something I was supposed to add.  Then there was all the paste that ooozes out when you smooth it.  Maybe I oozed too much out?  Don’t know.  Some of the hung panels are sticking just fine so maybe that was it…too much ooze.

Here is the same wall with one coat of paint.  I’m supposed to put two coats so you can still see patchy areas but this should give you an idea of what the color will look like in the room.

It is very calming, so that should be good for sewing, n’est ce pas?  I can see me now when I need to rip something out, in my most sing-songy of voices say   “Ohhh, daaaarn, I need to rip…oh goodie!”.

Well, maybe not that sappy, but you get the idea.

Also in this photo you can see that the wall seams from the paneling are really showing up, it’s just the best I can do.  It is really uneven under there and I think once everything gets finished up it will look okay.

In case you were wondering why it looks like nothing there around the window, baseboard, and ceiling, first off the window will be finished out with trim and a new sill base.  The walls will be getting a crown molding and baseboards.  The electrical outlets will be switched to new white ones with new white plates.  I think it is going to look really nice!