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The Craigslist Option – Chapter 2 in my quest to find a new furry best freind

Have you ever used Craigslist?

It is really confusing to me but I went on there to see what dogs are out there looking to be re-homed.  It is so sad.  Just one after another, listed between the cichlids and the pythons are the Buddy’s, the Jazz’s, and the Rocky’s.

Some listings were repeated, some sounded desperate while still others were borderline x-rated.

I inquired after three listings.  Two did not respond but the third did and I will tell you at first I was sure it was going to be a done deal.  Family wants to unload the dog…ba da bing…ba da boom…Cathy gets a new pet.

Not to be.  Instead, the women led me on a wild goose chase with e-mails back and forth.  I mean.  How hard is it to give a phone number and call somebody?  I began to get suspicious.  Either it was a threat to her family that she threatened to get rid of the dog…and not really follow through with it…or she’s just a big wacko looking for someone to give her some money.

Not sure which but now I don’t think I’m going to do this route.  There are just way too many shelters in the area that can give a dog a decent chance at a new life, and many of them are no-kill so if it were me giving up a dog, that is what I would do…not craigslist.

So today I emailed Canine Companions for Independence and asked them to send me information to be a puppy raiser.

Crazy.  I would totally love to raise one of these puppies and be there on graduation day when the recipient receives their four legged helper dog.  I am totally balling right now just thinking about how great of a thing that would be to do.    But who knows.  I’ll probably be disqualified for something…you know…like having a job…or…something like that.

The saga continues…

2 thoughts on “The Craigslist Option – Chapter 2 in my quest to find a new furry best freind”

  1. I LOVE Craiglist for furniture. 99% of the time I’ve had great experiences with really nice people. You can, however, meet some really odd ones.

    Best of luck with this new doggy idea. It sounds like a win-win situation.

    Now get back in that soon-to-be sewing room and get to work! I cannot wait to see what’s up there next.


  2. Yes M’ am!
    I’m now on to the North Wall!!!!

    Whooo Hooo!

    Going to IKEA on Friday.



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