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Building a ‘Dream’ Sewing Space Part 7 – Getting Some Cabinets

The last couple of days have been a buzz of activity.  In between getting the wallpaper up, the first layer of paint and gluing down the paper that doesn’t cooperate with the program I had the fortunate opportunity to acquire some cabinet furniture cases.

But first, the ‘back story’ (that’s our newest favorite phrase around here…everything has to have a ‘back story’ these days, as so it seems from the current trends in news reporting.  Hee hee).

On Friday DH and I went to IKEA to look at the PAX wardrobe system again.  This was still a reconnaissance mission.  I’ve had big plans to put up 2, maybe 3, of the large units and my only decision yet undecided was to either put sliding doors on or go with the regular doors and which height to get.

I know, tough life huh?  Well…these decisions can be agonizing!  And it’s a lot of money so I want to make sure everything is going to work.

East Wall with DirectBuy Cabinets...IKEA PAX lines erased out.

I drew up the plan on paper for the East Wall with the IKEA cabinets and then a funny thing happened on Sunday…

On Sunday I had a planned meeting with a friend of mine to take photos of an invention she’s been working on with her business partner (yes…inventive people still exist, believe it or not, and yes, I said an invention…it’s some green technology wind generator thingy…I know, I’ll get to my point…).  Anyhoo…she’s had to do some odd jobs lately to make some cash and one of them is helping liquidate the furniture and fixtures left behind from commercial tenants that have gone out of business.

Enter DirectBuy going out of business.

At first she wanted to pawn off on me a kitchen/bathroom cabinet.  “It’s perfect for a craft room!”.

I don’t think so.  I’ve been looking at wardrobes at IKEA.

“We have wardrobes!  How many you want?”.




“yea! for your photography work”

Wow…it’s worth a look.  I’ll come and take a look at them tomorrow!

So that is what we did on Monday night.  We drove 45 minutes to take a peak inside a now defunct DirectBuy franchise.  The wardrobes (actually, they are display cases) were HUGE!  Really big and heavy and we needed to take them apart in order to get them in the truck (and ultimately into our house!).

So after a couple of hours dismantling the cases, and only two at that, we were impressed upon to take just one more.  They only had one more to get rid of.  At first I resisted but then thought hmmmm…parts!  I could use it for shelves or just in case something broke when putting the other two back together.

So Monday night, with a load of about 1000 pounds in the back of the truck DH and I got home, unloaded the truck’s contents into the garage and went to bed about 11:00pm.

I slept like a baby, exhausted from all the added exercise.

We should be in a position to put them back together this weekend after the trim gets put up.

Slowly but surely this room is coming together!

2 thoughts on “Building a ‘Dream’ Sewing Space Part 7 – Getting Some Cabinets”

  1. The wardrobes sound like an awesome score. I am in suspense to see what they actually look like. So you and hubby stay motivated and keep working hard on this remodeling project so that all in blogland can see the finished space!


    1. It is HUGE Hollie! Thanks for reading! I can’t wait either. I’m really excited to have a dedicated room now instead of sprawled all over the house and part of our guest room. It is a very exciting project for me!

      Thanks for reading!


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