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Building a ‘Dream’ Sewing Space Part 8 – “Be The Nail!”

A real quick update on the sewing room project.  Jim and I painted the trim last week (took over the garage entirely) and started to install it on the East wall.

“Be the nail Cathy!”  Jim commands like Obi Wan Kanobe.

“Just drive the nail head under the surface”

Got it.

I think…

Seriously, I’m really trying to ‘set’ the nails here but I’m not doing a very good job of it.  It must be a girl thing.  And please, the outfit is custom so no squawks from the peanut gallery please.  You’re lucky I even post a photo of myself!

Then Jim put the new sill and trim around the window on the South wall. He did a beautiful job.  All I need to do now is (he gave me a list) fill the nail holes, sand, prime, and paint with two coats.

Then after a day to ponder and dream about what it is going to look like when it is finished Jim started work on the North wall, with all the really terrible problems.

There’s glue to get off, holes to fill in and lord only knows what we’ll find.

He just got busy and I’m oh so thankful!  I do a lot of staring and I think that must drive him a little batty.  He can just look at something and know what to do.  Me.  I’ll stare, go away, come back and stare some more, do a little bit, go away, come back, maybe stare some more.

Meanwhile.  He’d taken the door off, filled the hole and nearly got this section of the wall finished.  Gotta love that man!

To the right is a photo of those holes in the wall.  Who knows why they are there.  Since we’ve lived here we’ve found so many unexplained things about this house.

Well, we continue to move forward on this project so hopefully I’ll be close to complete come April 1st.  Stay tuned!

1 thought on “Building a ‘Dream’ Sewing Space Part 8 – “Be The Nail!””

  1. That looks great! Remodeling always uncovers things that really leave you wanting to know the story behind them. Why did they put that plumbing in backwards? Why did they leave those two giant holes under the wallpaper in the hall. Why is there a switch for the outside garage door light at the front door? You have no idea how long it took (hint: years) to find that I was turning on the garage door light when flipping that switch at the front door.

    You’re almost there!!! Well, except for sorting out the stash into neat and meaningful stacks. That won’t take long, right?


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