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Building a ‘Dream’ Sewing Space Part 9 – Done with paper…not yet with paint

Here we are another week into this project and I thought I’d report a progress update for all of you that are following along.

This is another section of wall that had paneling applied to it.  After removal we could see that something was really crazy about the people that owned this house before us.

There are two huge holes in the drywall and a sliced open section going across the panel.  Oh!  And the black spray painted line along with the dollops of paneling glue.  It was a mess.

This took a few days to scrape, patch and sand.

Just a side note.  When I say something takes a few days, what I mean to say is it really only takes a few hours but because we work full time we are doing this project in the evenings or a little in the morning before work.  So what could just take an hour or two with that…that translates into the hour after ‘Lost’ or the 6am hour of ‘Fox and Friends’ in the morning…or as it was this morning ‘The Face of Jesus’ on the History Chanel.

I wish it would go faster.  We actually have a deadline.  We need to get this room done by Monday April 5th!  That’s in less then a week!  Yikes!

We got a call last week from Rotary and they are ready to move their exchange student over to our house.  We signed up to be a host family last summer (for their 3rd phase) and circumstances are such that she needs to move earlier then expected for us.  We figured we’d have until mid to late April.  We are excited to yet once again be a host family but man how time is flying!  It’s always an adventure around here!

These last two shots are of the West wall and the North wall completely papered and painted, ready for the trim.  I checked this morning and there’s still some patchy spots so some touch up will be needed but that’s it!  The walls look soooooo much better!

Yes.  That is all my crap in the closet.

Fear not.  I’ll deal with it later.  I’m sure your closet doesn’t look any better!

3 thoughts on “Building a ‘Dream’ Sewing Space Part 9 – Done with paper…not yet with paint”

  1. What a great transformation!!! Yes, you can find some strange things behind drywall. Love the color of the paint, too. It looks so bright and should be a great place to work.

    Are you kidding me? Closets….arggggg…Not enough of them and never enough room in them. LOL!


  2. I cannot believe you are both working outside the home, doing all this work at home, AND taking on an exchange student for the summer. Sharing that room for the summer is the ultimate sacrifice for a sewing enthusiast. Now I’m even more impressed.


  3. Isn’t it funny … when the paneling was put up it was probably the latest thing and all the rage … I do remember that, but the room is going to be soooo much more friendly now!
    I, too, like the color very much.
    Great Job, you two. Love, MOM


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