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Building a ‘Dream’ Sewing Space Part 10 – “I can see the light!”

Was Easter this weekend?

Oh yeah.  Easter.

I did get to Sunday service so I know it was real but all this work in this room has made this weekend go by so so fast!  I can see the light at the end of this project, finally.  And it’s a good thing because our exchange student comes tomorrow!

Just like us to push the timing envelope though.

Jim sets the nails on the crown molding

The crown molding went up over the weekend and I spent most of Friday and Saturday painting the trim.

My arm really got a workout!

Primer and two coats of paint.

We did have difficulty because the walls are so whacked out.  The books and instructions make this look so easy.  There wasn’t a chapter on ‘What to do if your walls aren’t perfect” so we did our best and I used my sculpting skills in the corners to fill in some gaps.

It looks really nice and we are DONE with trim! Whoo Hoo!!!

Chloe approves her new perch

I wanted to respond to a comment on the last post in case you were wondering.  This room is MY space so don’t worry, I don’t need to share it with our guest for the next three months.

We just have everything that is supposed to go in this room in the guest bedroom next door!  That is why it was so critical to get this room to a point of being able to move stuff in…We Can’t get to the Guest Bedroom!  Ha ha ha!

It’s hilarious.

First cabinet goes up!

And somehow we’ve managed to get to the shower, our dressers, and get dressed!   So the last step before moving everything back in was getting those cabinets into the room.  HOLY COW!  These things were ENORMOUS!

First off.  They weigh about 2-300 pounds when totally put together and they are HUGE!.  Did I mention they are huge?  4 feet across by 90-92″ tall and about 28″ deep.  HUGE!

I have three but only two will fit.  Hey!  That reminds me…anyone need a cabinet?

We actually had to take a paddle off of the ceiling fan in order to flip it upright.  We put a towel on the floor in order to slide it into position.

We just have one more to put together and then it will be load in time!  I can’t wait to start sewing again!  I promised about 5 people that I would finally post the Katherine Hepburn Pants finish (I think that is my readership max…but yes…I promised April so it’s coming).

I’ll update again in a few more days!  The reveal should be next…

1 thought on “Building a ‘Dream’ Sewing Space Part 10 – “I can see the light!””

  1. This looks absolutely stunning. Don’t worry about the molding. After this experience you will look at the molding in every place you go and find that even the experts don’t get it perfectly in place. Brand new houses don’t have perfect walls either. You just don’t look that close at these things until you have done this yourself.

    I am SO glad this is not a combined sewing and guest room!! You had me worried that you’d not have a private space for yourself and after all that work! It does appear, however, that you might be sharing space with the cat. You’ll have to leave a bit of space on a shelf of the storage cabinets for that sweet bit of fluff to curl up.

    I’d buy the cabinet, but I’m far away in upstate New York. Craigslist it. It will be gone in no time.

    Great job!!!


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