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Part 3 of My Quest to Find a New Furry Four Legged Friend

Okay people.  Just go grab that box of tissues and click on a couple of these videos.  I have to update you on my quest to find a new four-legged furry best friend.

Two weeks ago we completed the application to be involved with Canine Companions for Independence.  Within a week they responded to schedule a phone interview.

I was a little nervous that we’d get declined for one reason or other but they were so great.  The questions were really open ended and very ‘fealy’ type so they made me elaborate.  Things like “How will you feel when you have to return the dog back to CCI?”.  I just gave honest answers…like “well, it will be like someone sticking a knife in me and pulling out my heart…”.  She was cool.  And totally got it.

I am soooo looking forward to this.  So now as of yesterday, we’ve been officially approved to be ‘Puppy Raisers’ for Canine Companions for Independence and will be getting a puppy sometime in July/August!  Isn’t this wonderful?

So thanks everyone for being so patient with me about my pet postings…you know, this is Sewingforlife!  But what is life if you have a piece of it missing?  My hope this will be a great way to segue into dog ownership again…and ultimately help someone in the process.

Do you have your tissues ready?  Just click on these and go from there…

I’ll be back, I promise, with an update on our Exchange Student and my totally awesome new sewing room!  I’m actually working out my shelving…it is looking great!