CCI Puppy Raising

So Precious it’s Hard to Get Mad.

Einstein is 12 weeks old this week.  Officially, he’ll be 3 months old on the 5th of July.  What a little smarty pants.

He is growing so fast I swear every time he gets up from a nap he’s a half inch taller!

We are settling in with his puppy antics and thankful to not have bought new furniture.  When they said he’ll eat just about anything they were right!!!!

His favorite items now are couch legs,newspaper,cups, ice cubes, grass clods, mud clods, grass in general, puppy pads, rocks and sticks.

He’s still trying to figure out how to walk on a leash (what is this thing strapped to me!) and we’ve introduced the gentle leader only briefly…the instructions  for the gentle leader head harness say to do it over the course of 2 weeks, go slow, be patient so that is what we are doing.

Surprisingly we’ve only had a couple of accidents this week.  One of them happened just the other night when I was sitting on the couch sorta winding down for the evening.  I had already taken him out so this came totally unexpected…but a little hilarious.  All by himself he went into his kennel (good boy!) lied down but a minute later he got up, went to the kitchen, puddled, then came back to his kennel and fell asleep.

I was on the computer and had seen him come out but didn’t really think anything of it until I got up to go to bed myself, closed his kennel door and saw the accident.  How do you get mad at the little fella?!  He got up, went to the kitchen pee pad spot (although I’d not had a pad or newspaper down) and went.  I’m proud he remembered the spot…but…oh…I just let it be, turned the lights out and went to bed with a little chuckle.