CCI Puppy Raising

Back from Columbus

The sun rises as I cross the Indiana/Ohio border on my way to Columbus.  Yuck!…look at all those bugs!  Ick!

I’m now back from Columbus, Ohio.  Jim and I loaded up the car on Friday and drove over to Ft. Wayne, spent the night and then I continued on to Columbus with Einstein to attend the CCI August Graduation and Puppy Training Workshop.

Here is a newly minted graduate dog.  I was pretty surprised because the dog was sitting next to our table and when they called the puppy raisers up to present the dog to it’s new owner and partner, she was at the other table next to ours.  I got a good look at this pair…they make a really great team and you can totally see that this dog wants to do ANYTHING for this woman.  Wow…it was a really cool thing to see.

Einstein is too young to attend as a participant so I dropped him off at the Regional Training Center in Delaware, OH.  Here’s a few pictures of the place.

And a little training photo and just a quick clip of a video.  The video shows one of the trainers trying to get a dogs attention so the handler can correct it.  These dogs are supposed to just ignore ignore ignore.  You can see the service dog actually does a good job…he’s the one on the right.  The one with the large blue cape is just a pup and he’s really curious.

I had a good time and learned a lot.  Hopefully Einstein will turn out to be a real star!  Now let’s get back to sewing!