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Remember when Brooke Shields Sold Sewing Patterns?

Sorting through my pattern collection here and getting ready to toss this one into the ‘Give-Away’ pile I took a second look at the girl in the photograph.  Does she look familiar?

That’s right.  It’s Brooke Shields from 1976.  Probably one of the most beautiful (in my opinion) women in the world.

I wonder what other famous celebrities were on sewing patterns when they were young?

Still sorting…still archiving away…


4 thoughts on “Remember when Brooke Shields Sold Sewing Patterns?”

  1. I have a kind of related question. Okay, maybe not, but I’ll ask anyway. Going back to the 70s or so, there was a skirt pattern with pockets on each side. You didn’t need to have a zipper–just a button. The pocket area kind of opened enough so that you had room to slip the skirt on, and there was enough of an overlap to have full closure. Question: Do you have any patterns like that? I have searched high and low to no avail. I remember my sister making these incredibly easy skirts. I’d love to just see a picture of one to try to figure out how to do one.


    1. As a matter of fact I do! This technique was very popular and I made many pants and skirts. This technique was often called the ‘hidden button closure’ or ‘side pocket closure’. It is actually quite brilliant because there wasn’t a zipper to deal with! Really simple, really fast and super easy! You’ve inspired me to write a post on this…Thank you Baye!


  2. You will have my unending appreciation if you will share the technique. I think I will be able to tweak an existing pattern with it.

    Yes! I’m so excited!


  3. Marie Osmond, Marlo Thomas, Shelly Hack (a model and a Charlie’s Angel), I also have a Sybil Connelly pattern with a picture of a very young Beverly Johnson on it. I think just about every model from the 60s has graced a pattern cover…and quite a few actresses too. Sewing & the patterns was a huge business in the 50s and 60s, so when you really look at the pattern covers you can find quite a few actresses and models.


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