Here’s what’s next — McCalls M6209 Poncho

Readers, here is what’s next on the sewing machine.

The symbol that says 1 Hour intrigues me although I know full well that NOTHING is made in an hour.  Heck, it takes that long just to find fabric!  Or just CUT OUT the pattern pieces and then the fabric…hmph.

Anywhoo…I did cut out View A and found some very pretty purple fleecy fabric — made to look like wool– at Hancock 50% off.

I don’t think you can really tell from this photo but after cutting everything out this is what I had LEFT OVER!  Almost 2 yards!!!!  At first I thought I was doing something wrong…did I not cut this out correctly?

Well…as I dive into the sewing on this I’m sure I’ll come to the point where this fabric gets used up but I’m really stumped.  Just think of the money I could have saved by not buying all this extra!

Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “Here’s what’s next — McCalls M6209 Poncho”

  1. Hi, Cathy ~
    I just found your site as I was looking for someone who has used McCall’s M6209 poncho pattern. How did yours come out ? I’m about to make view D with the hood ( and line the hood with satin flannel / flannel satin ??) I know you said you made yours with fleece…I’m making mine with a lightweight wool gabardine , yardage that a friend gave me years ago that I am finally putting to good use ! Any comments about the fit, etc ?
    Thank you, Gina


  2. Hi Gina,
    Ooh! Yours sounds so nice! Well, I put the button holes in and the neck piece on and all that is left is to figure out the edge finish. I have been sitting on that! I’m thinking I might do a blanket stitch. It is hanging on my mannequin right now waiting!

    As far as fit, it is just a big blanket and fits just fine. I really can’t wear it right now as the weather is just too cold. I think I missed the opportunity for that in the Fall. But it will be great for next October, November for sure.

    Once I get through with the quilt I’ll post the finish on that…

    It would be great to see how yours comes out…



  3. Hi Gina: I made 2 of these for Christmas presents for my Grandson (24) and Granddaughter (19). I made D – with the hood. Found out the hood is really, really big so cut it down – they both turned out very cute. I sewed the center front seam to about 5 inches from the neck and put in frogs at the neck. I finished the edges with bias tape and on my Granddaughters put balls on the front and back edges. Will try to post a picture. My daughter now wants one and I’m going to make one for me. Good luck


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