Off the beaten trail

Greetings from Paducah!

Yesterday we packed up the dog and sent him off to a friend’s house, put the cat in her private kitty condo at Paradise 4 Paws and headed south towards Memphis.

We are on an All American road trip to visit my Aunt and Uncle, Cousins and 2nd cousins this Thanksgiving but instead of just going there and coming back we are detouring to some places we’ve never been.

For one, I noticed Paducah, KY was only just a short hop to the East and Memphis wasn’t that far away either sooooooo….. we put on the trip to finally visit The National Quilt Museum in Paducah ! 

And while we are nearly there we’ll be going to Graceland in Memphis!

I have my smashed penny stash ready in case I find a souvenir machine!

In Paducah we visited The National Quilt Museum first which was very inspiring.  My fingers hurt just from looking at all the work that was involved in some of these quilts!  There was a lot to see and a really great gift shop…oooh…spent at least an hour in the book section!  Hee hee!

Then we walked a short distance and had lunch at Kirchoff’s deli and bakery…look at the size of these sandwiches! 

And Jim’s was just as big…he ordered the club and we shared this totally amazing red grape salad that had a cinnamony yoghurty sauce, just delicious.

Then it was off to see the Quilt In A Day store and another little shop just around the corner from the museum.

The prices in the Quilt In A Day shop were amazing…$3 and $4 a yard!  Can you believe that? But the other shop was the standard 8, 9 10/a yard…but all beautiful stuff.  Just fun!  I especially loved talking to the ladies that helped me…so friendly.  I guess it pays to shop in the off season as I really had the entire stores and museum to ourselves.  Quite wonderful and very relaxing.

Well tomorrow is Memphis!  Whoo Hoo!

Till then..