Save the Cat Slipcover Project – Part 8 – The Deck!

I thought I’d never get here!

But now that I am I have to admit I really have absolutely no idea what to do!!! Ha ha ha!

I remember something about leaving little flaps of extra fabric on the back and sides but I can’t figure out just exactly how they get attached.

I will tell you I stared at this chair for a LONG time!  Finally I cut a piece of fabric 12 inches wider and roughly 8 inches longer than this rectangle.  You can see above that I sewed it then to the excess area from the Inside Back.

My thought here is that I can make a little tuck as it gets pulled to the back of the chair.  This will leave excess fabric that gets tucked in and allows the slipcover to ‘Flex’ when a person sits in the chair.

Once again, it’s another brilliantly thought out idea…I’m just trying to figure out a way to execute it!

Next I do the same thing with the sides.  I fold over an excess and then sew these to the Inside Arm pieces.

After that once again I have absolutely NO IDEA what I’m supposed to do.

I do know that somewhere I’m supposed to top stitch in what our instructor called a ‘Crotch’…but it’s not what you’re thinking.  It’s supposed to be a dart or tuck or something that gets sewn down.

So I make it up!  And bring it into the front arm area which will eventually get covered up by the skirt.  Problemo resolved!  I top stitch this tuck on both sides and now I’m off to figure out the skirt!

Friends, I only have the skirt and the cushion left to do!  Whoo Hoo!