Save the Cat Slipcover – Part 9 – The Skirt

It’s on to the skirt!  I’m almost there!

The skirt to the slipcover was fitted using the skirt pieces I had cut out from the Butterick Pattern.  I had to fudge a little but it all worked out.

The first thing I did…unfortunately no photo…was to use a ruler and measure UP from the FLOOR a hem line all the way around the chair roughly at the height of the deck.

Then I started in the back and pinned on the skirt.  This pinning is ONLY to mark out the corner pleats.  So at each corner I measured 12 inches out, pinned in the pleat, and then moved around the chair until I was back to where I started.

I removed the skirt, basted the pleats, sewed the piece together to make a circle and sewed on the welting.

Skirt is finished!  Aren’t you ready to see the FINALE?!!

Stay tuned…the box cushion is next with the reveal!