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Save the Cat Slipcover Project – Part 10 – The Box Cushion Cover and Reveal!

The final step in this project is the cover that goes over the cushion.

This type of cushion is called a BOX cushion.  It is called a box because of the three distinct dimensions; length, width and height.

This was not difficult to sew at all.  I was actually relieved once I got to the cushion because I knew it was going to be easy sailing from here, so to speak, and my slipcover was going to be complete!

I cut two pieces of fabric 1 inch wider and longer than the top and bottom of my cushion.  This gave me 1/2″ seam allowances.  I measured EXACTLY the size of the cushion as I didn’t want any slack.  My goal here was to make sure the cushion fit snugly in order to fill and smooth the corners.

I set in a zipper so I could easily take the cover off and wash it. Added the welting around the top and the bottom.  This was important to finish out the look, and believe it or not makes the sewing of these cushions much much easier!  For some reason or other when welting is involved the corners just go together for me.  Don’t know what it is…but it works!

And once everything gets sewn together and the cover put on…

Are you ready?


I’ll be working on the couch in the coming weeks but first I need to set up a place where I can do it.  It might just need to be moved over to the living room in order for me to get around it!

Now…who wants to help me with the couch?

In case you forgot, here is the Before:

And now the After:


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