Spring Part II

It has been the rainiest April in our area on record.  I think it is something like 25 days straight of rain.

Usually at this time of year we are able to plant seeds in the garden but because of all the rain we really can’t.  The seeds would just wash away!

Snow even showed up earlier this month!

Right now though, the sun is out and I’m watching t.v. and the weather report is hopeful for a sunny weekend!  I’ll be traveling back to Indiana tomorrow with my friend Arlene.  We haven’t done the Indiana run in a few years so it is going to be a day to play and have some spring fun!

What is the Indiana run you ask?  Well, many years back, we found this woman that started a greenhouse on her property and made the most gorgeous hanging baskets you’ll ever find!  She’s grown her operation (pun intended) and sells out by the 2nd week in May.  So it’s a must that we get there soon!

In addition, Arlene had taken me to this place called Bailey’s.  It now is something unworldly, like 5 acres of discount center shopping!

We haven’t done this run in probably 6-7 years and Bailey’s has expanded in that time.  I can’t wait to see it!  I know I’ve got so many projects that need to get done but this Saturday is a must!