Off the beaten trail

Turn right at Knox then Left at 200E for the most amazing flowers!

Friends, this is a place you have to see to believe.  On a gravel road somewhere south and east of Knox, IN is this incredible oasis of floral abundance!

The directions say it all.  It’s out of the way and close to really…not too much.  Trains don’t even stop there anymore, they just roll on through.  Take 30 East, turn right at the Christmas Tree farm at Knox and then left on 200E.  Go till you find it on the right.

Hanging baskets, planters, garden plants, 30 varieties of peppers!  I didn’t know where to begin and was terribly limited to what would fit in the car!

I picked up these amazing hanging baskets along with a begonia basket and an ENORMOUS basket I just placed in the shade garden on top of a milk crate.  G with a Capital GORGEOUS!  I took these two photos early this morning and the temps are a little cool so I can see that the flowers are a little bit in shock from the cold.  Not to worry…it will get warmer.  A warm shower of water will perk them right up!

I want to go back and get these urns to place by the front door:

The name of the place is First Stage Greenhouse  and the town is actually Groverton, Indiana.  Arlene and I figured out that it was over a decade that I had been there!  Boy how time flies!  It sure didn’t feel like a decade!

The owners really have expanded the operation and all I can say is if you ever are in the area…er…ever nearly remotely in the area you HAVE to visit!