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Now for the Couch!

The long slipcover hiatus is over and I finally washed the last 10 yards of Duck fabric that I had bought.

The Couch Slipcover has begun!

I decided to mover just about everything out of the room and put the sewing machine, ironing board and cutting table into the room while putting the couch dab square center so I could work around it.

This is going to be a challenge I can tell already as the couch is big!  Well, I have to get it done and just like every other project that in the beginning feels a little overwhelming it helps to just do one step at a time.  Breaking things up into smaller steps is a good way to pace yourself…and still be able to have dinner on the table!  Ha ha ha!

So this week, my goal is to have the outside arms put together.  I only have a couple of days this week to work on the couch unfortunately as this week is my annual photography job responsibility at a banquet on Saturday.

Jim had given me a new backdrop holder and he keeps bugging me to get it out and make sure it works!  I’m such a procrastinator!  I have to do this tonight for sure!

I’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “Now for the Couch!”

  1. Well, you’ve already done this! Now you just have to add more fabric in the middle… just a little Plus Size altering. Thank goodness the design is the same, right?
    I love the flower pics, even went to the web site you noted and copied my favorite hanging baskets (!) Kind of makes you wish you could live in a nursery doesn’t it? You’ll have to post what you have done with your purchases.
    Love, Mom


  2. I have a feeling that making a slip cover is in my future. My cats love to scratch the couch and anything else they get their paws on. Great job on the chair cover! I love your blog.


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