Sewing, Slipcovers

Couch Update!

The couch project has been on a long hiatus but I actually sat down finally at the sewing machine last night and sewed up the right arm!

Here is the right arm of the couch.  The only difference from the chair that came up was I had to piece together the inside arm.  For some reason I have a terrible sensation that I don’t have enough fabric to complete this entire project!

This is a sew as you go project so I don’t have the luxury of cutting everything out and knowing for sure.  I have two really large pieces left which will work for the outside and inside back.  I also have a smattering of pieces that will work for the skirt and probably some of the cushions but I’m just a little worried that there’s not enough.

I guess on the bright side it’s a good thing this is just plain old old fashioned unbleached duck!  So I suppose if I do have to go back to the store and get some more it should be easy enough to do…as long as it’s in stock!  Ha ha!

Tomorrow I plan to put together the left arm.  Slowly but surely this is getting done!