FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

FREE Stuff Challenge Day 7 – Don’t Forget About Rewards Points!

Many stores offer rewards programs.  Personally I sometimes find them annoying, mostly because you have to sign up and give out all your information and then you have to carry a card with you.

Some stores will link up a phone number to your account so all you have to do is ask at the counter to enter your phone number to get whatever discount or points you should have coming to you.

This is true at Office Depot and I found myself back there to use up my rewards!  I will say that in the past I would probably have thrown out these rewards coupons but now that I’ve used one THAT SURELY WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!  It’s MONEY!  And there is so much that a sewer can use here that it would just be a shame to let this extra cash go to waste!

So here is what I picked up!

Transaction: I carefully selected my items as to not go over my total rewards value.  I picked up a Netbook Case, A point and shoot camera case, 3 boxes of tissues and 2 pens.  I handed over my rewards card and coupon and just paid .27 cents in tax!

Out of Pocket: .27 cents for the remainder of the tax.

Rolling Out of Pocket: $13.99