FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

Free Stuff Challenge Day 8 – Einstein goes to Einstein’s!

Hello again!

This morning Jim and I decided to take advantage of a BOGO coupon (last day!) for a breakfast sandwich at Einstein Bros. Bagels.

Fortunately we have one really close to us and it was just across the street from where I was dropping my car off for it’s scheduled oil change and maintenance.

We knocked out 4 birds with this one stone!  Breakfast, dropped off the car, gave Einstein 2 socializing opportunities (Einstein Bros. and NTB) and took the dog for a walk for our exercise (walked home, 2 miles)!  Win, Win, Win, and Win!

It was kind of funny to keep saying “Einstein, Here!”, “Einstein, Under!”, “Einstein, Down!”, “Einstein, Einstein, Einstein”!  Ha Ha Ha!  People must have thought I was talking to the bagel or something!

Transaction: Jim had a breakfast sandwich wrap and I had a breakfast sandwich bagel with coffee.  The coupon took off 1 of the sandwiches.  Nothing for Einstein however…just a nice cool concrete pad to stretch out on and fall asleep!

Out of Pocket: $7.08, that was for one of the sandwiches that we had to purchase and the extra coffee for me!

Rolling Out of Pocket: $20.07

I guess at some time I should figure out what the value is of all this stuff we are getting for FREE and compare it to how much we’ve SPENT in the process.

It would certainly be interesting to see!