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FREE Stuff Challenge Day 14 – “So I keep singing a song…” or how to get a free 5 star meal for FREE!

Hi Everyone, Again!

It’s the end of week two of my challenge so let’s just get right to it!

The title of this post is the last sentence of Elvis Presley’s speech he gave in 1971 at the Ten Outstanding Young Men awards ceremony.  Except for the last part…the FREE part.  So today’s post on my adventure to see if I couldn’t get something for free every day this month has to do with this particular ceremony.TOYA 2011 Program

I got a call about a week ago that I was needed to step into a photography job…and would I do it…?

As a former Jaycee I just had to help.  It’s who we are…even at the risk of…well …serious…

doubt about my own skills!  (seriously!)

Just 10 days to prepare, let me tell you I wasn’t nervous until about 3 or 4 days ago when I read the WHO’s WHO of who would be there! YIKES!  But I’ll get to that in a minute…

The fun part about saying yes to do this (nervousness besides the point) is that you get to meet some really great people and have a COMPLIMENTARY 5 *****(Star) meal of filet Mignon!  Brilliant!

So that’s my freebie for today (or yesterday/last night) on this month long challenge — The Free Banquet Meal!

But first…before we meet this year’s 10 Honorees I want to play for you a clip from Elvis’ reception…way back there in 1972:

And here is a photo of the display case at Graceland when we went there last November.  It meant A LOT to him.

He said somewhere in this case that this award meant more to him than any of his gold records or musical accomplishments.  He carried this trophy with him everywhere and it was so much handled that much of the nickel plating rubbed off!

The trophy is made by the same company that makes the Academy Awards…it’s a quality trophy people…nothing cheap whatsoever…

Ladies and Gentlemen, Here are The Ten Outstanding Young Americans of 2011!

From left to right in the photo: Major Giusseppe Stavale, Amy Richison, Dr. Lisa Miller, Lucas Daniel Boyce, U.S. Jaycee President Joanie Cramer, Jessica Bachus, Roxana Saberi, Melissa (Wife of Shane Victorino) , and Major Gene Jacobus.  Absent from the ceremony were Shane Victorino, Drew Brees and Luke Ravenstahl.

And now I know what you’re thinking…what happened to Shane, Drew and Luke?  It’s sad.  If ELVIS could make it surely these other people could make it!  But Shane’s wife Melissa felt really bad, but he actually had a game going on and was playing.  But Luke and Drew?  Let’s just say I am terribly disappointed.  Remember friends, ELVIS  — showed —- up—–, and stood on a stage just like the one you see above…with 9 other people.  I just can’t imagine thinking myself too important not to be there.

Oh well.

I could write for days about the accomplishments of all these people but please research them all.  Quite amazing!


Enjoy!  And don’t forget…please do look up these names.  I know you’ll find their stories remarkable.

I’ll be back shortly with another post.  I’m off to Walgreens to hopefully get some FREE Blistex!  Whoo Hoo!


7 thoughts on “FREE Stuff Challenge Day 14 – “So I keep singing a song…” or how to get a free 5 star meal for FREE!”

  1. Thanks for sharing nice pic of Stuff Challenge Day 13! Hopefully your thought impressed me and I will come back soon for your next event. Thanks a lot 🙂


  2. Don’t be too disappointed in Drew Brees. Despite the lockout, the Saints are practicing almost every day at Tulane (earning their pay unlike a lot of other teams that are just taking the summer off) and the week of the event they had a rally to support the Louisiana Gulf Coast in regards clean up from the oil spill that still needs to be done. The week before that he was in DC meeting with politicians for physical fitness initative he is apart of.


    1. I know, he’s a great guy. He does a lot for so many. I guess I was just disappointed there wasn’t even anyone there to represent him. Usually if the honoree can’t make it then a representative will come. A family member, someone from the foundation, an ex Purdue roommate, friend etc… I think it’s a fair criticism even if he has a lot of people wanting a piece of him. Thank you for your comment though, I do know that he really does such a great job with everything he does.


      1. I am friends with one of the other recipients and from what I understand, he did accept it via video. It isn’t like he completely blew off the honor and didn’t acknowledge it, so I don’t think that the criticism is fair. Had he not even attempted to acknowledge the honor bestowed upon him, I think then there would definitely be room for criticism. If he had gone and not taken part in the charity event that his organization was putting on that day, there would have been a lot of rumblings about that, especially since the event had been planned for quite some time.


      2. Shane was playing ball, accepted via video, and his wife Melissa accepted the award in his honor. Drew accepted by video and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke also accepted by video. So you are also friends with Luke? It’s just different by video with no one to speak at the microphone. Shane accepted by video as well but his wife gave an AMAZING speech for those in attendance.


      3. Okay, I think I misread what you wrote. Yes, I would agree, he did need to be at his charity event, but would you also agree that someone could have been there in his honor? The Purdue Club of Chicago probably has several people that would have come out…but it may also be true that the organizers didn’t pursue it to try and get a rep there. So yes, I may be too harsh there.


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