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Well Who Doesn’t Love an Emergency Room?

A quickie post today.

Sorry, I meant to update my freebies yesterday.  I DID pick up the Blistex for men freebie at Walgreens along with some new allergy medicine but I’m going to have to take a little time to put that together.

Yesterday during the softball game I was running to first base, stepped on the base and my left knee Popped!  Pain up and down the back of my leg and I fell to the ground.  The pain was very intense.  I cried it hurt so bad but it did subside and they got me off the field.

There was an immediate speculation of an ACL injury.  Several players work in medicine and even a Doctor on the team.  Other players came over to offer advise of what to do.  I took all of this into consideration but I really thought, after my last experience dealing with an HMO, I needed to just go to the Emergency room.

We stopped at home, initially thinking, to just sit and ice it up but at the sink I put my left foot down and my knee popped left —-PAIN!!!

Ouch ouch ouch! I couldn’t handle it.  I asked Jim to take me to the Emergency room.  It only took an hour to get in, get x-rays, and have a doctor come in to share her findings.  She suspected I’ve torn my ACL — (I have no idea what that is exactly) and my knee has filled with blood but I’d need to follow up with my doctor for treatment today.

Thank GOD for Jim.  And thank GOD for some seriously strong pain killers and a knee immobilizer!

Oh!  And just beware, never take a drug that is offered to you at the hospital, BEFORE filling out any paperwork!  I made that mistake and I was completely HIGH during the information and form signing stage.  It was hilarious. 🙂

I’m going to be out of commission for a while so I’ll keep you all posted.

Right now I’ve got to get that doctor’s appointment taken care of…

Talk to you all in a bit!


3 thoughts on “Well Who Doesn’t Love an Emergency Room?”

  1. What a bummer! Will that put you out of commision for the summer? I can only imagine how much that must hurt since I’ve never had anything like that. Dad, though, can sympathize. He’s been c/o a pain in and around one of his knees for a couple months now, it seems that long, anyway. He remembers twisting it on a difficult golf swing. His dr. did not know what it was for sure and he did not opt to go see an orthopedic specialist so it’s getting better in spite of it all.
    Hope you’re feeling better by the time you read this.


    1. Thanks Bari,
      Getting there! I think another few weeks and I should be off the crutches at least!


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