Little Wheels Baby Quilt Project, Sewing

The Little Wheels Quilt Project – Figuring out the corner blocks

Hey Everyone!

I have figured out that I need to make 40 units to go all the way around this Little Wheels quilt.

Each of these units look like this;

But the problem with sewing diagonal units is that when it comes time to turn the corner the diagonal sewing doesn’t work.

To rectify this little problem I have to make 4 units with one of the triangles sewn to an adjacent side.  This creates a triangle unit like so…Which then fill in that little space…

And then when the border is attached to the main body of the quilt will get mitered at the corners…

I am working on arranging these corner blocks so that I’m mixing up the colors so no two colors stand next to each other.  It’s not difficult but I am having to stop and think about it.

The next step is figuring out how wide of an inner border to make!

Stay tuned!