Little Wheels Baby Quilt Project, Sewing

The Little Wheels Quilt Project – How To Figure Out The Inner Border

Me again!

Hey…this Little Wheels quilt is moving right along.  Less than a week to get this all finished for the baby shower so I have to hurry!

My next challenge is figuring out the inside border.  This is the border that will go between the main body blocks and the Seminole border blocks.

I NEED to have a border to break up the busy busyness so the eye will stop and then move on to take in the quilt as a whole and not one big jumble of color.

I know this picture is not the best quality, please forgive me, I really should be taking these photos with my big SLR but the point and shoot is just is so darn handy for those quickie snaps!  Not to get off subject but if you happen to know of a really GREAT point and shoot please chime in.

Anyhoo…I’m just hoping you can see what I’ve done here.

First, I sewed a strip of blue fabric to one side of the border.  Then I drew a 45 degree line along the cutting line and another 45 degree line along the SEWING line at both corners.  Can you see that blue chalk?

Next, I measured EXACTLY the width of the SEWING line for the main body (36″) and made a mark on the 45 degree line where this 36″ landed.  I was surprised to discover that the width of my strip turned out to be only 1-1/8″ wide!  Kinda skinny I know!

My only other option would be to make the border wider but in doing so I would need to add another unit to the Seminole border and then my overall dimensions of the quilt, in my opinion, would be way, way too big for a baby quilt.

I’m going to tuck back into the sewing/dining room and really work to get this done!  I forgot I have a full day planned on Saturday and I NEED to have this finished for Sunday!  Yikes!

Talk soon…