Year End Re-Cap – The projects of 2011

Hi Readers!

Today I am spending some time wrapping gifts at the Barnes & Nobles book store to help raise money for my all-time favorite charity (Canine Companions for Independence).  My goal today is $200, so hopefully the store will be loaded with shoppers and my wrapping skills will beg to be tipped graciously! Ha!

Anyhoosy, I thought I would take time to post a little re-cap of the year’s projects.  I’ve never had occasion to do one of these posts in the past but thought since other sewing bloggers do this (and I kinda like looking at theirs) it might be fun to do one myself.

You know, the thing about blogging, what I like most about doing this is it’s like a little diary.  I can keep track of the things I did, the things I made, what worked, what didn’t and so forth and it’s all right there in one place.  I can go back to it at any time and really from just about anywhere!

So here goes…

Projects completed:

1. Car Organizer, from crumb blocks:2. Re-decorated the Guest Bedroom…3. Braided T-Shirt Rug #1 – sewn by hand4. The Tomato Pin-Cushion:5. Slipcover project…6.  The Crutch Bag…6. T-Shirt Rug #2 – Sewn by machinet-shirt rug7. The Little Wheels Quilt8. Terry Lounging Tunic – Butterick 55249. Pattern of the year Butterick 5495

Projects In Work:

1. Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll Mystery Quilt – quiltville.com2. 16 Patch Double Pinwheel 3. The Ricky Tims binding on my Carolina Christmas ….wow…can I get this finished already! 4. The Slipcover for the couch…I can almost get on my knees in order to do this!  Yeah! Yippers…so hopefully this will be a finish for early 2012! 5. And, tho…not a sewing project but the ultimate work in progress, Mr. Einstein.  Now in Ohio at Advance training…

Wow! That was a pretty cool exercise.  I guess I really did do quit a bit this year.  I’m sure it could have been more had I not taken a spill in softball June 12th.

Which leads me to the one thing I’ll always remember about 2011…
Anterior Cruciate Ligament replacement surgery…Let the New Year Begin!!!!

Talk to you all soon…


5 thoughts on “Year End Re-Cap – The projects of 2011”

  1. You’ve had a great year project-wise! And I was intrigued enough by the t-shirt rug that I had to go back and read your posts about it. What a great idea! I love the car organizer too!

    I’m a lousy gift wrapper, so you do a wonderful service for people like me. :O)


    1. I’m glad you liked the rug! It is a fun project! I’ll bet you are being way too modest on the gift wrapping…


  2. I agree on the pattern of the year, Butterick 5495. (Unfortunately the number reminds me more of an Elvis Costello song then sewing patterns!) — Congratulations on a successful sewing/stitching year! And prosperous new beginnings for the year at hand!!


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