The Nightgown Project – Part 1, Sketching Some Ideas

Hi Again Everyone!

I’m currently outside on the back patio enjoying this most glorious of days the Midwest has to offer.  The temperature is about 85 degrees, the sky is clear to some clouds, the cicadas are making a racket and I’m sipping an iced coffee.  It just doesn’t get much better right?!

Well, I could be at Lollapalooza  watching Florence and the Machine but sometimes I have just as much fun staying home and turning on the radio.  

Okay!  That said, I’m going to be working on a project that I think will be of interest to you (at least I think it might, for reasons I’ll explain…).  I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to do a series of posts that would show the design process from beginning of the conceptual idea all the way through to the final garment.  This is going to be as much fun for me to do as it will be for you to watch (I think?).  I know you won’t care what I make so as I was going through my wardrobe and I’m really in need of some new sleep clothes I thought I would work up a design for a nightgown.  Sounds easy enough right?

Here are a few sketches I’ve come up with.

I was going for a sleeveless nightie with a lace band neckline.  The gathers would be arced above the breast…DSCF2521 A variation with lace inserts above the breast and just a fabric band…DSCF2516 And using a stretch lace, maybe some bias binding detail across the chest or smocking in a fashion fabric with elastic threads…DSCF2523 I actually think this last one is possibly something I’ve seen done but not sure and I don’t have any patterns that look like it.  It does remind me of things I might have seen at Lane Bryant or Kohl’s.  Maybe it wasn’t in my size so that is where this stream of sketching came from?  I liked it and couldn’t buy it?

The first two sketches are basically the same with just a difference in what fabrics I use.  Does anyone care which one I choose?  Right now I’m opting for the second sketch as I think it might be the easiest to find fabrics and trim for.  The first one would require me to find a lace (laces are so personal and it truely is a hunt in these parts) and the third has a little bit more fitting which might be a little bit more difficult since my dress form doesn’t go up to my current size (I know you all have been there!).

So unless anyone objects I’m going with sketch number 2!

I’ll be off to the fabric store to pick up some materials…

Be back soon!


4 thoughts on “The Nightgown Project – Part 1, Sketching Some Ideas”

  1. I like sketch #2 as well – maybe because it is just lacy enough to look and feel feminine and plain enough to be servicable and wear well. I made a nylon nightgown about 15 or so years ago and it is just now hoping to be retired! I love that gown and keep thinking I should make a new one just like it, but keep putting it off. Maybe your adventure will spur me on,’


  2. Your gowns look great.. comfortable and functional yet delicate and feminine. You did a great job with both of them. I think the second one is my favorite.


  3. I am just learning to sew, inherated my mothers sewing machine. She did sew so I never learned. I have always been a large women, short and very hard to purchase for anything pretty. I love this idea. Following.


    1. That’s so great Rebecca that you are learning to sew! I hope you find lots of enjoyment from it! I sure know how you feel about finding pretty things that fit! Thanks for stopping by!


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